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Lucas Staples

Director of Operations and Trading

Lucas Staples is the director of trading operations at CochranMickels Retirement Specialists. Responsible for trading, technical support, client scheduling, and follow-up, Lucas has been an important member of our team for over 10 years. Lucas is also an Alabama Notary, and we provide this service to our clients free of charge.

Helping clients with their issues and meeting new people are the two things’ Lucas enjoys most about his position at the firm. Outside of the office, Lucas indulges his hobbies in computer maintenance and sound design.

Citing Boris Strugatsky as his personal hero, Lucas credits this science-fiction writer’s literary works as helping him develop into the person he is today. Never content to take the easy way out, Lucas is an honest and perceptive individual who is committed to his family and friends.

4801 University Square Drive,Suite 26
Huntsville, AL 35816