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Planning Your Retirement

Retirement is a hot topic in the Wall Street Journal these days, they have almost run an article per week.   They have touched on many points from varying demographics of retirees.  The reoccurring theme is this:  You must have a plan!

Planning on how to fund your new lifestyle almost goes without saying.  I say “almost” because there are some who think they have a plan, only to find out they missed a lot and now it is too late.  As I have said over the years, spreadsheets are a terrible planning tool and leave far too many variables uncovered. And then there is the 4% rule that still floats around, something that has long since proven not to be an effective tool for living out your retirement.

The other plan that is not taken into serious account is what you are going to do in your retirement.  Sure, you want to travel a bit, see the grandkids more often, but what else? The “what else” is what catches many off guard and blows up their plan.  It is the notion that I am not buying any more cars.  You bet. My house is in great shape, I will not need to plan for maintenance or major repairs. My favorite is our daughter’s wedding is only going to cost us ten thousand dollars. All these notions are unrealistic and do not represent reality.  They are not how you should plan your retirement either.

Working with a investment advisor who knows a thing or two about retirement and retirement planning will go a long way in helping you live the life you have worked hard and saved for.  We know a little bit about the subject, forty-four percent of our clients are in the distribution phase of their retirement. We know the questions to ask and can guide you to a more realistic path. If you want to learn more, give us a call at 256-417-4870



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