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Time To Man Up

So, men, whether we like it or not, whether we embrace feminism or not, the yoke of the family finances falls right onto our shoulders. Let's embrace it and start the conversation like this, “When I die…..” because, statistically, we will die first. Let’s explain and show where all the essential documents are, let's make sure passwords are accessible, and let's make sure our wives understand what we have done and why we have done it. If we genuinely accept the chauvinism that society seems to label us with, let us not disappoint.

Wives, you also have a responsibility; now isn’t the time to play the shrinking violet. Again, statistically, your husband is going to die first, and you will survive him by an additional six to ten more years. Ensure you attend every meeting with your financial advisor and ask as many questions as needed. Remember, it's your money, your future. Ask what will change when the husband dies. Will you reevaluate the portfolio? Will you adjust it to my income needs? Will you reassess my risk tolerance? As the saying goes, there are no stupid questions.

Finally, a note to advisors: Let's be the professionals we want our wives to work with when we are no longer here. Let's provide comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring our widows feel secure and confident in their financial decisions.


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